01: You

First things first, we will get to know you and your business. We will gain insights into your current vision, key objectives, as well as develop an in-depth understanding of your industry, your competitive landscape and your target market.

  • Initial/introduction meeting
  • Review company’s business plan
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Insight into key competitors
  • Briefing stage

02: Strategy

In the second phase, we will develop the characteristics of your brand. We will define your vision, mission, brand values, brand personality, brand positioning and the strategic big idea that will drive the emotional connection between your brand and its customers.

  • Brand foundation workshop
  • Insights & analytics
  • Your vision
  • Your mission
  • Your brands values
  • Your brands personality
  • Brand positioning
  • Target audience
  • Strategic big idea
  • Your final brand strategy guide
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming & verbal identity
  • Outline the customer journey

03: Design

Based on the strategic brand foundation, we will create a brand identity for your business. We will make sure the brand language visually answers to the strategic big idea and ensure consistency across all of your brand's touchpoints.

  • Brand identity
  • Brand adaptation & implementation
  • Experiences & environments
  • Interactive & new media
  • Architecture/interior design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Scent branding
  • Sonic branding
  • New innovative ideas

Begin your brand odyssey, contact Clive:

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