We are an empowering and revolutionary brand coordinator. We create freedom from within ourselves, to create and sustain captivating brands of the present, and the future.

Our promise is to provide our clients with strategic advantages through innovation, rigorous planning and groundbreaking design.

We are strategic and creative navigators

Turas Branda is Irish for brand journey. Branding is an exhilarating journey that never ends, constantly changing in-line with new media and innovative platforms. Your brand is an entity that passes through such mediums, transporting products, services and people from one place and time to the next—continually growing and gaining customers along the way. Turas Branda is your strategic and creative navigator on such journeys.

Meet the founder:
Clive Connaughton


From the rugged landscapes of Ireland, Clive carries with him a personality of charm and wit. He founded Turas Branda so he could collaborate with his family and friends, who are also experts in their respective branding fields: strategy, copywriting, digital design, social media, architecture and interior design. Their expertise complement Clive's own ability in the field of branding and graphic design. Together, they combine to create a powerful branding force.

His conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and — above all — personal commitment, creates a solid foundation to bring brands to life through great ideas that reach out, engage and emotionally connect with people. With original thinking, brand storytelling & a dedication to craft, Clive’s philosophy has helped build brands across Ireland, the UK, and the Middle East.

Begin your brand odyssey, contact Clive:

Phone: +353 83 367 1211

Email: clive@turasbranda.com